Dwarf Hammerers

Oh boy, these guys were a real joy to paint.  I can’t believe it only took me about 10 hours or so to paint 15 of them including a full command.  Dwarf Hammerers are the elite warriors of dwarven kings and as such I chose to give them ad uniform look.  I chose purple for their gloves because the color stands out on the field and because purple is a royal color in my dwarven army.  Also, you may notice that my dwarfs either have black or grey beards.  I wanted to represent the fact that my dwarf army comes from the deep northern mountains where they have had very little interaction with other dwarfs.  Due so little mixing of their blood with other dwarfs they have a lack of deversitiy in their blood lines.  That is where the name of my army comes from as well, The Black Beards of Karark Mordun.

Painting consisted of painting flat colors and then washing the minis with the correct colors needed.  I did do some highlights on the skin, gloves, and selves to help give the minis a bit more pop after I washed them.  I always apply a wash after highlights unless I need extreme highlights or I am working on singles that I want to make look extra nice.

Overall I think they look really good.

A New Adventure (aka Teaching my Girlfriend Warhammer)

The past month or so my beloved has shown interest in Warhammer Fantasy.  In the past she had been into D&D as well as other roleplaying games but this was the first time she seemed interested in wargames.  I have not always been an amazing teacher in the past with her but when it comes to Warhammer I wanted her to take it easy and have fun doing it.

However, her first pick of an army was Tomb Kings which I know to be more suited to experienced gamers.  Having seen may a game end badly for Tomb Kings (hierophant dies turn one, weak basic troops, expensive big models) I wanted her to have a bit more fun to start with.  Her next choice made me smile.  Orcs & Goblins.

You see she has the whole orc mindset, the whole rush in and bash’em skulls in.  So far she likes the fluff for the army too which is always a plus when first getting into the game.  She loves the models too.  She and I both agree that night goblins will make up a huge part of her army as well BECAUSE of the fluff (mushrooms ftw!).

It has become an adventure for me as well.  I am relearning the basics a bit but showing her how to build models and soon painting.  My friends and I have slowly shown her how to play as well as reinforcing the rules for ourselves.  The future looks bright indeed.

OH and one more thing.  She REALLY likes the fact that Dwarves and Orcs hate each other.  Kinda funny huh.

My First Model EVER!


VindicareThis here is my very first model ever painted.  At the time I wanted to do a Space Marine chapter called the Blazing Dragons (I was 12 at the time folks) and I had built all my models but had yet to paint them.  I choose he first because, in my 12yo logic the sniper is the best guy in the game!  It took me forever to paint just the basics but after a few talks with the local wargamers I got to the point were he is now.  I had to make my own wash to darken the folds in his suit as well as learn to highlight over night.  Sadly he is the only guy that was ever painted for the Blazing Dragons chapter as the draw towards Orcs slowly took hold of me.

However, I am glad to say the guy has a new home.  He works for the Grey Knights now so watch out if you can Xenos!


Ogre Kingdoms

I am so excited about the new update for Ogre Kingdoms.  These are some of the most impressive miniatures I have seen in a long time.  I won’t go into too much depth until I have had a read on the new rules but from the look of the units in the book Games Workshop has outdone themselves again.  I am truly impressed but the two large mounts that they now have access to.  Both have some much character and detail that one could spend weeks painting them.  Can’t wait to get a book and some models home soon.

For those interested in the update go to the Ogre Kingdoms section of the GW site.

Dwarf Lord with Greatweapon

Did not like the beard this time but his face is amazing!  First I applied Bronzed Flesh to the skin areas.  Then I lightened some Bronzed Flesh with Skull white and thinned it down with water.  I then thinly applied this to highlight his skin.  Finally I used a watered down Ogryn Flesh to darken the wrinkles in his face and arms as well as blend in the highlights.  Overall I am happy with the outcome.

Dwarf Lord with Shield

Here I tried to create a different color scheme that would stand out in a unit of dwarfs.  I decided to stick with my cold colors but instead of greys and whites I went purple and blue.  I painted flat colors for pretty much everything other then the beard and cloak which I layered some and highlighted.  This is my first finecast model but some far I like them.